Panyanda Lifestyle Park is an exclusive holiday getaway. Situated 11 kilometers South of Masvingo City in Zimbabwe, the serene resort is set close to the historic GreatZimbabwe Ruins, a world heritage site. The facility offers rustic accommodation built in local stone and thatch. Panyanda Lifestyle Park features a host of facilities which include a boma-style restaurant, bar, swimming pool and a coffee shop. The Lifestyle Park also has a dam, game, a sunset viewing spot and hiking trails. It is set against a backdrop of the picturesque Nyanda Mountain.


The Lifestyle Park has animals which include giraffes, zebras, impalas, warthogs, and kudus. The Park also has different species of birds which include the Hamerkop, Bull Wak Ball, White Helmet Shrike, Laughing Dove, and many others.